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Elbow Greetings




Peace of Mind

Swap tours or dates free of charge any time up until 24 hours before your tour starts. Speak to us at anytime before your tour & we will be happy to help find an ideal solution for you.

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Your Taxi Cab

Rest assured that our taxis are sanitised after every tour to the highest standard for a minimum of 20 minutes using approved products. Fresh air ventilation will be in operation during your tour.

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Your Driver Guide

Drivers wear face cover/ masks keeping you & them safe. Your driver will also regularly disinfect high touch surfaces within your cab where possible.

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Hand Sanitation

On arrival, your driver will sanitize your hands (at a distance of 1m+) before you enter the cab. Your guide will sanitize your hands each time you leave/enter your taxi cab.

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Operational & Staff Preparedness


We’re making sure we open not sooner than the applicable reopening date by government
• We’re developing a COVID-19 prevention & in-practice plan including an action/checklist for infection prevention and a special cleaning and disinfection plan (as outlined below):
– Regular cleaning of vehicle inside/out (after every use) cleansing by strict hygiene protocols – these include:

1) Total disinfection of complete interior & touched exterior of vehicle prior to new passenger arrival
2) Regular disinfection of door handles, touched surfaces, seats, armrests etc.
3) Fresh air ventilation as often as possible (ideally every few minutes at least)
4) 20 minutes cleaning time for cab after each tour allocated (similar to NHS standards) using government guidelines & approved disinfectant (e.g. EN14675 or EN14476)

Hand hygiene includes:


1) Travsafe packs incl. disinfectant wipes & masks available for guests on request
2) Disinfecting hands each time when entering/exiting the vehicle (via driver; spray bottle)
3) No hand shaking etc.
4) Coughing/sneezing in arm-fold only
5) Hand sanitizer for driver (in driver cab area)

on Ground Staff - Drivers and Guides 


1) Mask/visor when guests enter/leave vehicle
2) Visor for guiding (made available by company) for easier engagement (smile, sound, full face etc.)
3) Social distance rule between guest(s) & staff of 1m+ where possible

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