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7 Top Tips To Hire Taxi From Srinagar To Leh

7 top tips to hire taxi from Srinagar to Leh

We have our 7 top reasons why you should hire a Taxi From Srinagar to Leh with us.

If you are planning for a visit to Srinagar and Leh these holidays, it is important that you plan prior to start your journey. One of the most important of all is to decide whether you are going to drive by your own or hire taxi. As a piece of advice, when you are on a holiday, you are in a relaxation mood and so hiring taxi seems a better option. So we decided to write a post about 7 top tips to hire taxi from Srinagar to Leh. What to look for when you book taxi from Srinagar to Leh, here are some tips.

1. Variety of Fleet

You can be a family of four, or three to four families planning an outing, the taxi service provider you choose should be able to meet up all your requirements. We with our extensive fleet of vehicles have been fulfilling the requirements of our customers since inception. The best time to visit Srinagar and Leh is from April to October when the weather turns pleasant.

2. Standard and Customized packages

This is important as different people have different requirements and so the taxi service provider should be able to provide tailored packages that suit your requirement. You can well choose from economy, luxury, elite or business packages inclusive of all taxes and other charges with us and enjoy a memorable trip.

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3. Luxury and comfort

The vehicles you choose should have comfortable seating and one should be able to relax and chill out. Moreover, it has to be spacious so that you can keep your bags conveniently and still have ample of leg space. We have been constantly striving towards providing such comfort and luxury to our customers. Our every vehicle undergoes regular maintenance and periodic checks for keeping the vehicle up to date in terms of comfort and luxury. Srinagar to Leh route is a hilly terrain and so comfort is of utmost importance.

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4. Affordable

Affordability is an important factor and you should look for other service providers as well and be able to hire taxi service Srinagar to Leh at the best prices. However, the best price is not at the cost of any compromises on customer’s comfort and safety.

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5. Support

One should look for services as 24X7 availability; either on phone, mail or online chat. Online booking is also catching up as it is quite convenient and hassle free. It is quick too and saves you a lot of time. Check out before hiring. You can book taxi Srinagar to Leh with us instantly and receive a confirmation of your booking shortly. Call our Support team +91 8899564876

6. Flexibility

This is again an important aspect for the taxi service provider should be able to provide pick up at anytime as per the convenience of the customer and there should not be any special charges for this service. Call us anytime for pick and drop and we are right there for you so that you are never late for your destination.

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