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Exploring Asia’s Largest Tulip Garden in Srinagar: Everything You Need to Know for 2024 Opening

Indira Gandhi Memorial Tulip Garden, formerly known as Siraj Bagh, is gearing up to welcome visitors this weekend, showcasing a vibrant array of colors. Nestled between Dal Lake and Zabarwan Hills in Srinagar, Kashmir, this garden will open its gates to the public on Saturday (March 23) , with officials from the floriculture department saying that this year the garden will see more tulip varieties.

This year, the garden boasts an impressive addition of five new tulip varieties, bringing  ..

This year, the garden boasts an impressive addition of five new tulip varieties, bringing the total to 68 varieties. Moreover, the department has expanded the garden's area by planting an additional two lakh bulbs, resulting in a record-breaking 17 lakh tulip bulbs spread across 55 hectares of land.

Srinagar Tulip Garden - What is new this year

In addition to tulips, visitors can also feast their eyes on other spring flowers such as hyacinths, daffodils, muscari, and cyclamens, enhancing the diversity of floral beauty on display.

Last year, the garden witnessed over 3.65 lakh visitors, including both domestic and foreign tourists, reflecting its increasing appeal as a tourist destination. Notably, it has also become a preferred filming location for various movie and video productions, with several film units choosing to shoot parts of their projects amidst the scenic beauty of the garden.

This year, the administration has directed the Srinagar Municipal Corporation to conduct sanitation drives and provide mobile toilet facilities. oreover, the floriculture department has expanded parking space by nearly 22,000 square feet, aiming to accommodate the influx of visitors conveniently.

The Tulip festival, an annual celebration held during the onset of spring, aims to showcase the garden's diverse range of flowers and attract tourists from across the globe. In addition to admiring the blooming tulips, visitors can immerse themselves in cultural programs, indulge in local cuisine at food stalls, and partake in various activities showcasing Kashmir's rich culture and traditions.

Srinagar Tulip Garden Timings and Ticket Prices

Visitors can access the Indira Gandhi Memorial Tulip Garden from 8 am to 7 pm, with with daily timings subject to adjustments based on footfall. The entry fees was Rs 60 for adults and Rs 25 for children last year. For travelers, the garden is conveniently located 22 kilometers from Sheikh ul Alam International Airport Srinagar, 18 kilometers from Srinagar Railway Station, and 8 kilometers from Lalchowk Srinagar, accessible by road.

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