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Gulmarg in winter 2020 | How to plan a trip to Gulmarg in winter

If you are planning a Trip to Gulmarg in Winter and want to enjoy the beauty of Kashmir in winter with the snow blanket all over the places you visit, the paradise of the earth, as well as to see and experience the fresh snow falling from the height, then winter is the right time when you should pack your bag for Kashmir and experience snowfall in Gulmarg.

How much snow should i expect in Gulmarg in Winter

As per reports every year around 7 to 8 feet’s of snowfall has been recorded in Gulmarg from the time period of December to April month.

But mostly Snowfall is expected till March ending and is some cases it may fall again in first week of April.

You will also be able to enjoy the Snowfall, Sometimes it will be sunny, sometimes it will be rain, but changing weather will make your trip in Kashmir spectacular. Note that don’t forget to carry warm clothes, woolens, waterproof jackets, wind breakers.

Gulmarg in Winter

Gulmarg in winter Gulmarg is a beautiful and famous Ski Resort and hill station in Jammu and Kashmir, which is everyone’s favorite tourist spot. Gulmarg in Baramulla district of Kashmir becomes even more beautiful during the winter season. It is not just Hillstation. Gulmarg has one of the highest golf courses in the world and the famous ski resort is also located around the world.

Gulmarg is counted among the best places in the world in terms of skiing. Gulmarg itself has a beautiful valley named Khilnamarg, where beautiful scenery is seen with flowers and mountains in summer and in winter it turns paradise for traveler’s to love snow and games related to it. Most of the travelers their trip to gulmarg for its soft snow and the ski routes and with Gondola cable car which makes it more better and adventurous as it takes one to 14,000 fts above the sea level.

So the skiers and snow boarders takes their ride in Gondola which drops them in Afffarwat mount top, from which they start skiing till the ground of Gulmarg.

Other Attractions in Gulmarg

Ningali nallah in Gulmarg A small river or stream called Ningali Nallah is located about 8 kilometers from Gulmarg. This stream is formed by the ice melting from the Afarwat peak and the water of the Alpathar lake and falls into the Jhelum River, shining like a white worf. This place is one of the captivating tourist spots along the valley. Another surprising thing is that these districts are located since the Neolithic period. This has been proved by the inscriptions found here.

Snow Forecast for Gulmarg

Road Status for Gulmarg

Currently the Srinagar Gulmarg road is dry and through for all types of vehicles,


Gulmarg is Closed till Further Orders – Due to COVID-19, Govt of Jammu and Kashmir has issued a advisory to shut all tourist attractions including Gulmarg, Pahalgam and Sonamarg. The decision was taken by the authroties after first Corona positive case was confirmed in Srinagar on 18-03-20.

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